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Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 19)

A real life is so comprehensive that day and night, summer and winter, god and devil, all are in it.

A god who is without the devil is not much of a god; he will be a very poor god. And a devil who has no divinity in him will simply be worth nothing.

The day is rich because you have rested deeply in the night... the darkness allowed you rest.

There are joys of work, but if you have worked hard, only then is the night beautiful. Otherwise you just go on changing from side to side the whole night and there is no sleep.

This is what I mean when I say be a whole person. Nothing should be excluded... nothing should be excluded.

Everything should be included, and in that inclusion of everything, you start soaring.

Otherwise every human being is crippled because something has been excluded. Somebody has excluded his anger, somebody has excluded his sex, somebody has excluded something else

No human being seems to be whole, but wounded, cut, fragmented.

This is my whole work; to help people to become whole.

Whatsoever is in you has to be included in your higher synthesis... it has its role to play. In the higher orchestra of your being, nothing should be left behind.

All notes have to fall in tune, in harmony. Then something arises which is more than the total of all -- and that is the whole. The whole is more than the total. Whole and total do not mean the same thing.

Total is the way towards the whole, but the whole is more that the total. If all your parts are added together it will be total. If all your parts fall into a symphony, then it will be whole.


Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 20)

‘Vaikhari’ is like a flower... the word means flowering.

When you express something in thought it is ‘Vaikhari’. Just below it is ‘Madhyama’. Madhyama means the medium, the bridge. The thing is clear to you as a feeling but it has not yet become a thought.

A feeling needs to become a thought only when you want to convey it to somebody, otherwise there is no need.

So the fourth stage of flowering is when the fragrance starts spreading, moves away from the flower. The third stage is of ‘Madhyama’. It is like a bud whose petals are closed. The flower is not yet available to others. The fragrance is inside, hidden. If you don't express, it will remain like a bud.

That's why expression is tremendously useful. If you are feeling very very angry, just express it on a pillow, but don't just go on feeling. Beat the pillow... be angry. Let it come to a flower.

Suddenly the fragrance is gone and you will feel unburdened. The whole method of psychoanalysis is bringing a thing from ‘Madhyama’ to ‘Vaikharia’, from the bud to the flower.

Below the ‘Madhyama’, there is another space we call ‘Pashyanti’. Feeling is still not clear. It has not even become a feeling yet; just a vagueness. Sometimes it looks as if it is there; sometimes it is not there.

It is like a plant whose buds have not yet come... they are hiding inside the plant. You know they will be coming. You feel the first footsteps, but very vague, far away. That is the state of no feeling -- just sheer existence.

Below even that is ‘Para’.

Para means not even existence. A thing is still in non-existence. ‘Pashyanti’ is like a seed... everything is closed, and the plant has not sprouted yet. When the plant has not sprouted, buds cannot be. When buds are not there, the flower is not possible.

‘Pashyanti’ is like the seed and ‘Para’ is the very source. In scientific terminology you can call it the black hole... the non-being. Even the seed has not come up.

Or think of it in this way. Somebody dies and the soul roams around, wanders around. This is ‘Para’.

Then the soul is conceived in a womb; this is ‘Pashyanti’.

Then the child grows and the mother starts feeling the existence of the child after a few days. That is ‘Madhyama’.

One day when the nine months are over, the child is born; this is ‘Vaikhari’.


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                             OSHO QUESTION AND ANSWERS 2

Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 21)

You can change the clothes, your job, the town, everything outside, but nothing changes inside. And in changing these things much energy and time is wasted. The deep urge is for inner change.

People go on changing their jobs, their house, their wife, their husband, but really they want to change themselves. But that seems almost impossible.

They may not have felt directly what their desire is and they go on projecting. They say, 'If I change this then things will be better.' They never are, because it is you, finally, who decides the mood, the climate of your being. The space in which you live is you and everything else is secondary.

I'm not saying to live in a horrible place. Live as comfortably as possible, but comfort is not a state of bliss. It is good as far as it goes but it is never satisfying. It is necessary but not enough.

... Nothing is wrong in seeing so many countries, but remember, this is not going to help. If you are in contact with yourself, go on travelling; there is no problem in it. But don't hope that anything is going to come out of it.

Enjoy it... it is fun... but don't think that you are going to become centred, liberated through it. And remember always, it may be a way of distracting yourself.

You may be basically bored with yourself, so when you have been in a town for a few days or a few weeks, you feel finished and that you have seen everything. Now the desire arises to go somewhere else.

This gives you a thrill, a sensation -- a new town, new people, new food, new climate. After a few days the sensation dies and everything becomes old. Again you have to be on the move.

Remember it should not be an escape from yourself; otherwise it is okay.

Go on searching your inner being, because unless you have found the inner country you will not feel satisfied. And once you have found that, wherever you are, you are surrounded in bliss.

So always remember that the outside world is beautiful, but don't be caught there, because the real beauty is waiting inside. Go on travelling if you enjoy it, but take it as fun. Continue travelling inwards... that is the real pilgrimage.


Osho: ‘The one who questioned answers.’

Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 21)

If you are afraid of sex, that simply shows that you are afraid of life.

So sex is just a focusing of many problems -- afraid of life, afraid of death, afraid of darkness, afraid of surrender, afraid of let-go, and in short, afraid of leaving yourself in an uncontrolled state. But everybody has been taught to control.

The whole society goes on teaching every child to control. A controlled and disciplined personality is the goal.

That is creating the trouble. Then you create a conflict; the mind becomes the controller and everything else becomes the controlled. A rift arises in your being.

Of course the greatest attack of the mind is on sex because that is the most uncontrollable energy in you.

The mind feels impotent when the sexual urge arises, so the mind is the greatest enemy of sex. That's why all religions all over the world are so inimical towards sex.

They are all head-oriented. The mind says that somehow sex has to be controlled -- as if everything is at stake there. Once you have controlled sex, you have controlled the body, you have controlled life; you have controlled death. Everything is controlled and you are the master.

But this never happens. It cannot happen because the mind itself is nothing but an instrument of sex. This is the thing to be understood.

The mind exists for the sexual energy but not vice versa. It is an extension of sexual energy... to protect.

The mind is just a guard on the outermost boundary of your being, just a guard's post on the boundary to look out for any danger... a radar to look all around and see that everything is clear and to give the sign.

I will suggest, every day for one hour, simply sit and let God breathe you.


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Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 20)

I am not saying don't be in love. Be in love, but never make love an alternative to meditation; it is not.

Love and meditate -- they are two different things.

Some day a higher synthesis comes, but that day has not come yet. When love becomes meditation, meditation becomes love. That is very difficult to attain -- only when all polarities dissolve.

This is a deep polarity -- love and meditation.

Meditation is happiness in your absolute aloneness; love is happiness with somebody else. In love, the other is important; in meditation, only you.

Love is ‘I and thou’. Meditation is complete... getting out of the ‘I-thou’ world. It is just being yourself -- not even ‘I’.

Meditation is solitude, love is relationship. They are totally different; diametrically opposite.

When people start moving into meditation, they start moving out of love. This I watch happening every day. When your love becomes a frustration, you come to me for meditation.

Meditation is needed -- one is feeling very unhappy. And when you start a love relationship, you simply forget all about meditation. You think of love as meditation.

Be balanced -- both wings are needed. Love, meditate, and don't create a conflict between them.

When it is time to meditate, meditate. And there is enough time -- twenty-four hours. I am not saying to meditate for twenty-four hours. Give just two hours for meditation; a few hours for love, and a few hours for other things in life.

Never make anything monotonous, otherwise sooner or later you will get fed up with it.

That guilt has a message -- don't try to get rid of it. Try and listen to the message... and start meditating.


Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 21)

Once the disease is known, once it is diagnosed, then changing is not difficult.

The most difficult part is the diagnosis: how exactly to know what the problem is.

This is my observation, that the mind has become so cunning in hiding, that when there is a problem, it never allows the actual problem to come to you; it changes the problem.

If you want to kill your father, the mind dreams of killing your uncle, not your father. The uncle looks like the father, is a little fatherly, and yet he is not the father. The mind diverts your attention to something similar -- but the problem is pseudo.

You wanted to do something and this may not be the real desire. You may really have wanted to do something else, but the mind played a trick and distracted you.

Many people feel that their problem is religious and it is not. Sometimes it is sexual, sometimes it is some sort of obsession, neurosis, or something else.

Many people think that they want to be silent, peaceful, and they think this is their problem. But the deeper you go, you find that that is not the problem. The problem is greed or ambition, or something else. They have become so afraid of facing reality that they go on deceiving themselves, because when the problem is falsified, treatment becomes impossible.

You have a headache and you say you have a stomach ache. All the treatment goes to the stomach and the head is saved, the headache continues.

This treatment can be dangerous, because if there is no problem in the stomach and some medicine is given, problems will arise. If there is a problem, the medicine will solve it. If there is no problem, it will create a problem, an illness. It will become toxic, poisonous or something.

So the basic thing is to first face the real problem, naked.


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When you love a woman, what do you really love in her? It will be different with different people and it will be different at different times. If love really grows, this is the way: first you fall in love with the woman because her body is beautiful. That is the first available beauty – her face, her eyes, her proportion, her elegance, her dancing, pulsating energy. Her body is beautiful. That is the first approach. You fall in love.

Then after a few days you start going deeper into the woman. You start loving her heart. Now a far more beautiful revelation is coming to you. The body becomes secondary; the heart becomes primary. A new vision has arisen, a new peak.

 If you go on loving the woman, sooner or later you will find there are peaks beyond peaks, depths beyond depths. Then you start loving the soul of the woman. Then it is not only her heart – now that has become secondary. Now it is the very person, the very presence, the very radiance, the aliveness, that unknown phenomenon of her being – that she is. The body is very far away, the heart has also gone away – now the being is.

And then one day this particular woman's being becomes far away. Now you start loving womanhood in her, the femininity, the feminineness, that receptivity. Now she is not a particular woman at all, she simply reflects womanhood, a particular form of womanhood. Now it is no longer individual, it is becoming more and more universal. And one day that womanhood has also disappeared – you love the humanity in her. Now she is not just a representative of woman, she is also a representative of man as much. The sky is becoming bigger and bigger. Then one day it is not humanity, but existence. That she exists, that's all that you want – that she exists. You are coming very close to God.

Then the last point comes – all formulations and all forms disappear and there is God. You have found God through your woman, through your man. Each love is an echo of God's love.


Osho: ‘The one who questioned answers.’

Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 20)

If you feel like crying and you feel good afterwards, it is very therapeutic. In fact the best way is to cry for no reason at all. If there is some reason, it never flowers perfectly.

The reason is there and it goes on nagging. It is never pure crying. But when there is no reason, you simply feel like it... you look at the moon and it is so beautiful that you feel like crying. Perfectly good.

You are just sitting doing nothing, and suddenly tears start filling the eyes... beautiful!

 We continuously condemn everything. If tears are there we condemn. What is wrong in tears? It is good, an unburdening.

If you enjoy crying, soon you will see that laughter starts coming in the same way.

That also is very difficult. If suddenly you laugh for no reason at all, people will think you are mad. If you are crying for no reason at all, nobody will think you are mad. They will think that there must be some reason inside.

But for laughter some outside reason is needed... nobody laughs for inner reasons. Laughter needs somebody else to be there to make a situation; a reference is needed.

If you cannot allow crying without any reason, you will never be able to allow laughter without any reason.

When laughter comes out of nowhere, out of the blue... simply flowers in you uncaused, it is tremendously beautiful. It is holy, sacred.

And it can happen that you shift: for two minutes you are crying and for two minutes you are laughing, and again for two minutes you are crying. You will be afraid of what is happening and will wonder if you are going mad.

The wind can blow strong and then stop, and there is silence; then again it blows. Simply watch these things and become a witness... don't be disturbed and distracted or worry about what others will think.

I was reading a story the other day.

A man walked into a bar, ordered a drink, and proceeded to laugh out loud for about two minutes. When all eyes were upon him, he abruptly stopped laughing and started crying and sobbing.

After about two minutes of this, a smile came into his face and he again broke into uncontrollable laughter. This was followed with another bout of crying. And then more laughter.

After about twenty minutes of alternate laughing and crying, he looked up at all the enquiring faces and said, 'Please forgive me, but my mother-in-law has just driven over a cliff in my new car!'


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QUESTION: Osho, what are you doing here exactly ?
OSHO: Selling water by the river.
Master Sogaku Harada died at the age of ninety-one. At his funeral service hung a piece of calligraphy written by himself :

He says 'Selling water by the river' - where there is no need really.
The river is flowing - you can simply jump into the river and drink your fill. But people are so foolish, they need somebody to sell water even by the river.

Secondly he says:
''Ho, ho! My labours have been wholly without merit.''
That is a great statement. First we go on selling water by the side of the river. If you are a little intelligent you can jump yourself. And finally we know all effort is meaningless, in vain. Because even if you become enlightened, nothing is gained. You were always enlightened. Nobody needs to be enlightened, because everybody is already enlightened. It is such a ridiculous thing for people to keep trying to enlighten you. It is so ridiculous for me to go on enlightening you every day.

And you are stubborn... and you will not become enlightened.
And I go on selling the water by the river....
And you PAY for the water!
And you won't look at the river, and the river is flowing by the side.
It has always been there - before the thirst is created, the river is there. Before the desire, the fulfilment.

So you ask, ''What are you doing here exactly?''


I don’t know exactly.
Because I never wanted to, so I am utterly inexperienced.

You should not ask me such difficult questions.

But I guess – these are just guesses.
I guess because people like to live in institutions, in prisons.

People don’t want to live an open life, they want to live a closed life.

That’s why they want to get married.
I guess people don’t love, that’s why they want to get married.

The love is not enough, so the law is needed to help.

If love is enough there is no point in getting married. If you trust your love,that’s enough; no other thing is needed to keep you together.

Marriage is finding ways to keep you together. Because you cannot trust that your love is enough to keep you together.

People who don't love, they want to get married.

Although people are very cunning – they say, ’We want to get married because we love.’ But why should one want to get married if one loves?

Love is more than enough.

How can marriage help? It can destroy, it cannot enhance.

The very idea of marriage is the beginning of divorce. The moment you think to get married you should beware – you have already started planning for divorce.

The fear is coming, the fear of divorce is coming – and before it takes possession of you, you want to get married.

So there will be the law and the police and the court and the society to prevent you escaping from this woman or to prevent this woman escaping from you.

Love is enough, more than enough.

And if love cannot keep you together then nothing can keep you together. And nothing should keep you together.

People like to get married because they cannot bear happiness.

They want some misery.

Whenever you see a couple, a man and woman, thoroughly unhappy you can trust they are married – but they have to be thoroughly un happy.

It is very difficult to see a married couple happy, whatsoever their pretensions.

They may show happiness but that is not the truth. You should see them when they are not pretending, when they are not wearing their public face.

They are always quarrelling, always fighting, always at each other’s necks.

People can’t bear happiness.
Love is such a joy, it is unbearable.
It is so unbearable you want to crush it. And marriage is the sure way to crush it.

All marriages are destructive to love. The very idea is destructive.

Love should be your only trust.

OshO 💕
This Very Body the Buddha

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Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 17)

It is not a question of compromise! It is a question of understanding.

Compromise is not the right word... it is a question of understanding.

For example you have come to me. If you are here for one hour, you are losing many more things. In that one hour you could have done many other things.

You could have gone to the movie; you have missed the movie. You could have gone to see friends. You could have gone to a coffee-house; you have missed that. You could have danced; you have missed that. You could have read; you have missed that.

You have missed a thousand and one things to come to me. You may not be aware, but you have missed -- because there were millions of alternatives.

This is how life is. You cannot do all the things together. It is not a question of compromise... it is a question of alertness.

If you become alert, things become very easy and one finds a way. One always finds a way.

That's what one should try to do --  to live life as much as possible... to gain as much out of life as possible. Out of everything, going on choosing the best -- the best that is humanly possible so you become enriched.

But the attitude of just being against society is not going to help. Society does not bother about it, and you will be crippled by it.

Forget about rules, forget about society. Just think about yourself, your possibilities, alternatives -- what can be chosen and what will be the best choice.

If you feel that you have made a mistake, change it. Learn by trial and error.

That's how it has to be. Don't get obsessed by small things; they are not that important.

Life is a big thing. It is not equivalent to going naked in the sun or the river. Life and freedom of life does not mean going naked in the sun or the river. This is all nonsense.

Life is big, very complicated thing. Don’t reduce it to nonsense.


[11:27, 10/17/2017] Manish Sitar Popular Height: Osho: ‘The one who questioned answers.’

Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 17)

The frustrations are there because there was some expectation in you that something was going to happen. That created the whole trouble.

If you have some expectation you will be frustrated and nothing will come out of it. But one has to learn by doing it; there is no other way.

So forget about it. Whatsoever it could do it has done.

But always remember while doing the meditations , never go with an expectation.

Just go to see what happens, and allow it to happen.

Don't go on looking out of the corner of the eye and don't go on waiting for something to happen, because that will become a constant barrier and it won't allow you to be there totally. It won't allow you to be herenow.

That expectation will constantly hover around your head and you will say, 'It has still not happened. Up to now it has not happened and one day is gone. Another day has gone -- what are you doing? Nothing has happened!'

That becomes an auto-hypnosis. Nothing has happened and the time is running out! You miss.

Simply do it. If the mind says that nothing is happening, tell the mind that nothing is going to happen! For what are you looking? Nothing is the goal!

Once you cannot be frustrated by the process, you will be tremendously benefited by it.

That's the rule: if you cannot be frustrated by it, you will be benefited.

The frustration simply shows that you've a deep desire, a deep undercurrent of desire, that is frustrating you -- not the meditation.

But it is nothing to worry about. It happens to almost everybody. One starts rationalising, in many ways, about what is the point and why are you wasting your time. Many times the idea will come to leave; that's natural.

But one learns, don't carry any expectations and much is possible.


Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 18)

It is your life, you have to decide about it.

This is one of the most basic things to understand -- that you are responsible for yourself, nobody else.

You have to take the responsibility. If you want to grow, open. If you don't want to grow then remain closed -- but it is your responsibility.

When I use the word responsibility, I don't use it in the ordinary sense, in the sense of duty -- no. It is exactly the opposite of duty.

Duty is always something that you don't want to do and you do it.

The duty to your father, the duty to your mother, the duty to the country, the duty to this and that is that which you don't want to do, but you do it because it has been forced on you, taught to you, and if you don't do it you will feel guilty. If you do it you will not feel happy but at least you will not feel guilty. You will gain nothing out of it.

When I say responsible, I mean respond to the situation in which you find yourself.

If you don't respond, that is your decision. Remember always that if you don't want to grow, there is no way to help you.

It is nobody else's business.

If you see that it is foolish to hide, foolish to hold on, then drop that nonsense. And don't ask how to drop it.

There is no how to it. You simply see the point -- that it is useless -- and you drop it. By dropping it one learns how to drop it.

Whatsoever you are trying to hide is not worth it. It is not a treasure to hide! It is your disease.

And why be afraid of these people?

Just watch people... they are just like you; they also have the same problems. Nothing human is alien.

Whatsoever problem you have, they are just the same; maybe degrees differ.

When people are being angry and their hate is coming up, their sexuality is coming up, their greed is coming up -- they are crying and weeping and laughing and things are opening, pent-up energies are finding release -- watch!

Get caught up in the flow! Ride on the wave! Take a jump!

It will happen. There is no technique in it, just courage!


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Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 17)

In reaction you just go to the opposite extreme.

In fact the same society that you are thinking you are revolting against goes on controlling you in a negative way. It decides what you should do. If the society expects this, you will not do this.

You will do just the opposite -- but the opposite is decided by the society.

If the society says, 'Don't do this,' and you do it, then too, the society has been too important to you because it has decided your action by saying not to do it. This is reaction.

Reaction appears to be like a rebellion, but it is not.

It is a pseudo-rebellion, a false coin, a counterfeit, and it can never be satisfying. Again and again you will feel that you have been against the society, but you have not been able to get rid of it.

It is said of Mulla Nasrudin, that from his very childhood he was thought to be a difficult child; they called him contrary.

If you say to him 'Sit down' he will not sit down. If you want him to sit down, tell him to stand -- and immediately he will sit down. Contrary.

One day he was crossing a small stream with his father. On his donkey they had loaded bags of sugar, which were leaning too much to the right and there was fear that they might fall into the river.

The father wanted to say, 'Balance them -- pull the bags to the left, but then the contrary mind of Mulla Nasrudin would do just the opposite; he would pull the bags to the right. Then they would fall into the river sooner than they would have done.

So the father said, 'Pull the bags to the right, Nasrudin. They are going to fall to the left side.'

He knew that he would pull from the left just to go against him. But this time something happened. Nasrudin pulled to the right, and all the bags fell in!

The father said, 'What have you done? This is not like you!'

Nasrudin said, 'Am I just going to be a reactionary all my life? By telling me to pull to the right, you want me to pull to the left? Now I am an adult. You have forgotten that today I completed my twenty-one years!'

Become an adult now. You revolted -- you thought you revolted, but it is not a real revolution, otherwise you would have been tremendously happy.

A rebellious man is the most blissful man in the world, but a reactionary is not.


Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 17)

I am not saying whether homosexuality is good or bad, whether heterosexuality is good or bad -- these are foolish statements.

Just listen to your own being.

If you feel good, whatsoever it is, without any conditions, move with it. Be selfish.

Let that be the deciding factor: be selfish.

Always listen to your own self, its happiness, and wherever you can find it, find.

This is the beauty of it. If you are selfish you will become very altruistic because you will find that you can only be happy when you make people happy.

You will find by experimentation that you can be peaceful only if you don't make other people around you disturbed. Otherwise you cannot be peaceful.

One who is really selfish becomes automatically altruistic. A really selfish person becomes a servant of the people.

So this is what I would like. Drop the society as if it doesn't exist.

It is not worth that much; you have given it too much attention.


Saturday, December 9, 2017


Osho: ‘The one who questioned answers.’

Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 13)

Many things happen through meditation, but you have to implement them in your life, otherwise they disappear.

A certain experience flowers, you see something -- try to implement it in your life.

It is not just about an experience but about implementation in daily life chores.

If you feel very loving, then be loving; don't keep it to yourself. Somehow relate it to people. If you relate, it will grow. If you keep it to yourself, it will disappear because it needs roots somewhere.

If you feel like sharing, share; don't just go on postponing it. Whatsoever happens inside, try, make every effort, to do the same outside also.

That's how a religious style of life is created.

But first it should happen on the inside, and the outer should follow like a shadow. One has to remember the outer. If you forget about it, you become lopsided.

Many things go on happening inside and you never implement them so they disappear. You have to give them roots in the earth.

So whatsoever experiences come, find out ways and means to bring them into your real life. If you are feeling a deep gratefulness during meditation... suddenly one day you feel God showering on you and you feel grateful... then remember that and feel grateful with whomsoever you come in contact -- as if all the forms are of God.

Remain grateful for as long as you can remember. If you forget, okay. When you remember again, feel grateful for small things.

Somebody just smiled at you -- feel grateful. Somebody said hello -- feel grateful.

If you can watch and hear and feel grateful, you will almost hear it as if it is coming from God. It is coming from Him. He uses many people as His vehicles.

So whatsoever experiences happen, you can always find a way to make it part of your ordinary life, the real life. Religion should not remain fictitious, and it should not become just part of your dreams. It should be brought to actual reality.

Once it comes to the actual reality you can forget about it and it will continue. It will hover around you... it will become your aura and you will always be in contact with it.


Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 15)

Prem means love and Gyan means knowledge -- Knowledge that comes through love.

There are two types of knowledge. One needs no love -- the scientific knowledge.

You need not love the object you are going to know. In fact if you love, scientific knowledge will not be possible. For scientific knowledge an absolutely non-emotional attitude is needed. You should not be loving. You should be completely aloof, indifferent -- not for or against.

So for scientific knowledge a detached attitude is needed.

Religious knowledge is totally different.

If you are detached you will never be able to know what religion is. You have to be deeply in love with it because this is a knowledge that comes through deep participation. You cannot remain out of it.

The knower becomes part of the known. In fact the more the knower dissolves into the unknown, the more he comes to know.

A moment comes when the knower is completely lost. Only then knowledge is perfect.

Prem Gyan -- means knowledge that comes through love, personal knowledge; not objective but subjective knowledge.

All that is beautiful comes through love and all that comes without love is dangerous. It will bring Nagasaki, Hiroshima. It is going to be destructive because in the first place it has not been through love.

If the seed has not been loving, the fruit is going to be poisonous. That's why the whole scientific effort, and such a tremendous effort leads nowhere but to deeper and deeper misery -- to war, to technology, to ecological destruction.

In fact it is sabotaging the whole life rather than enhancing it.

Sooner or later ... humanity has to bring a revolution in the scientific attitude. It has to learn something from religion only then science can be a help to humanity, otherwise it is going to destroy everything.


Saturday, December 2, 2017


Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 12)

Once something is exposed, it evaporates. Hide a thing and it remains with you.

Expose it, it evaporates.

It is just like taking the roots of the tree out of the earth. Once you have exposed the roots to the air and to the sun, the tree is dead. If the roots remain deep down in the earth, you can go on cutting the tree again and again, but again it will sprout.

Never fight with branches.

My whole effort is to make you alert not to fight with branches and leaves. It is futile. Bring the roots up and see exactly where the problem is. Your problem is with yourself.

If you hate yourself, then hate. Don't avoid it, and don't be polite. Accept that you hate... let it be there and function. Let it be active so that you can see how it functions, how it possesses you, how it manipulates you.

The very understanding of how it functions, becomes a freedom.

Truth liberates, but the truth has to be brought up and out of the dark comers of your being.

Sannyas is not life-negative -- my sannyas is not. It is a simple inner trust.

It is a gesture of surrender -- that you love me and will allow me to love you... that if I shower my love on you, you will receive it in gratefulness.

Two piece robes divide the body into upper and lower. Below the belt is sex, above the belt is acceptable.

When you wear a one piece robe, your body is one -- nothing higher or lower. When your body flows as one, you will feel a certain aura of energy around you. The orange protects and seals this in.

One can meditate and can become enlightened in any colour. I am giving you something irrational just to test whether you are ready to go with me.

I put a mala around your neck just to make a fool of you. People laugh at you -- they think you have gone crazy.

That's what I want because if you can go with me, even while I am making you almost mad, then I know that when the real crisis comes, you will have trust.

These are crises artificially created around you. They are tremendously significant, with no reason. Their significance is deeper than reason.

My meditations are not just techniques. Joy is more basic.

So while doing them, don't carry any seriousness in the mind; don't carry the idea that you are doing great religious work. No -- you are enjoying them like a dance, a song.


Osho: ‘The one who questioned answers.’

Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 13)

This relationship has not helped so how can the other help?

You can go into a thousand and one relationships, and you will get more and more confused and fragmented. You will fall apart all over the place, but it is not going to help.

Rather, when you are feeling sexuality, close your eyes and meditate on it: where is it coming from, why is it coming, how is it coming? See that somehow the relationship with the woman with whom you are living is not very deep, not very satisfying.

Make it more satisfying, make it deeper. Make it more open and vulnerable.

Somewhere discontent is there -- so that has to be tackled. It is not going to be of any help to move into another relationship because with the same mind moving with you, the discontent will continue.

Discontent is within you. The way you relate is not total.

So make it total... make it more meditative. And don't hide.

Tell her that this is how things are happening, so then she can be helpful and you can move into a deeper relationship; you can make everything as deep as possible.

Rather than being attracted to every passerby -- you will become a driftwood if you do that -- tackle the problem where it is. It is somewhere deep inside you.

Otherwise it can create many problems. It can create bodily, physiological problems. You will feel depleted & dissipated.

Also remember the distance between you and me will depend on your inner quality of mind. Always continue to work on your quality of mind.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 11)

(Osho talks to Vinod Khanna, who said, “Osho it is all futile”)

It is futile. Understand that it is futile... but everything is futile. If you start dropping out of things, then by and by you will see that everything is futile.

The wife is futile, the children are futile; the family is futile. Then one goes on shrinking, because wherever you go, everything is futile. One day one feels, 'What is the use of eating? Why get up every day in the morning?' That will become a suicide.

Die -- but don't commit suicide because that will be a slow type of shrinking in.

If you see that something is futile, understand it is futile and don't get disturbed by it. Whether you succeed or fail you know it is futile, so success and failure become the same. But now you are no longer worried.

One goes on doing the same things; knowing it is a dream, one goes on enjoying it. What is the point of disturbing it? It is just a dream so why disturb it?

The very idea that something is meaningless is a deep desire for something meaningful -- and there is nothing meaningful. Everything is meaningless except the witness. So the witness can be anywhere.

I don't see that there can be any better profession for witnessing than acting. Actors can move into meditation better than other people because their whole art consists of just creating a dream and being someone, knowing you are not that person.

You are playing the role of Rama. You know you are not Rama; you are acting it. The witnessing remains there spontaneously.

So whatsoever you are doing on stage, bring the same quality into the world also. When you come home, then too remember that this is acting. Be a husband and remember that this too is acting. Be a father and remember that this too is acting.

If the twenty-four hours of your day become an acting, your quality as an actor will become superb and your witnessing will increase.

This is my observation from working with so many people -- that a good actor can become very easily meditative. People are sometimes surprised that actors become so interested. The reason is their profession. Their very work by and by will give them the feeling that they are separate from their roles. One day or other they will see everything as a role.

So I would like you to remain there (in the film world). Don't get disturbed -- enjoy the whole thing. It is nonsense but why not enjoy it? It is futile but why ask for more? Why shouldn't it be futile?

Whatsoever it is, enjoy it as a gift. The day I feel that now there is no growth for you there I will tell you to get out of it. But be there, because much is possible there which will not be so easily possible outside.


Osho: ‘The one who questioned answers.’

Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 12)

Issues cannot be resolved by choosing one alternative, as both are valid needs.

It is like trying to decide between eating and sleeping -- both have to be integrated. To do either to excess is foolish and that one has to learn a balance -- this is the art of living.

I have heard about one Sufi mystic, Byazid. He came back home one day and he was very hungry, so he asked for food. The friend and disciple who was looking after him said, 'There is nothing in the house, and I have no money sol couldn't purchase anything.'

Byazid said nothing. He simply sat there, prayed to God and thanked him. The disciple couldn't believe what he was doing, for what he was thanking God. That was his master's usual habit -- to thank God after he had eaten, but today he had not eaten and he was still hungry!

So the disciple asked, 'For what are you thanking God?'

Byazid said, I am thanking him that at least I have a good appetite! Food will be coming tomorrow, but I have a good appetite. Think of those people who have food and no appetite. Are they, or I, more miserable?'

So always remember: two valid needs are not to be chosen in opposition And life has many valid needs. They are not contradictory to each other, but if you try to fix them in one time, they are contradictory.

Spread them and make your life more rich. Move with people... love people. Friendship is good, love is good -- but in proportion. Never take too much of anything. Be alone for a few hours and together with people for a few hours.


Thursday, November 23, 2017


Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 9)

Love and meditation are just like two wings, and if love is stuck, meditation is stuck. If meditation is stuck, then love will be stuck. They go together.

So one has to be very delicately balancing.

Love gives much turmoil, excitement, thrill -- and in the end you have empty hands if it is not joined with meditation.

This happens almost always -- that when a person is frustrated with love, he becomes interested in meditation. Then he avoids love because he is fed up with it so much and he just wants to meditate. That too is not going to fulfill you.

It may give you a silence, a stillness, but that stillness will be something dead. It will not throb with life... because without love, nothing throbs. Love is the very beat, the pulse; everything pulsates with it.

So my whole effort here is how to give you both.

Otherwise both are lopsided and create a sort of imbalance. You have to sort out your love affair, otherwise that will work like a load and you will not be able to soar high in meditation.

And the second thing -- about your meditation.

Technique are good, but only a beginning. I have never come across a man yet who has come to any fulfillment through it.

It is only the door. You can enter through it but you cannot reach anywhere. Good -- it introduces a new world to you -- but if you are caught by the door and you cling to the door, you will not be able to go deeper.

A technique is very structured... too much technique. Maybe that's why it is so appealing to the mind. The mind is now one of the most addicted to technology -- material or spiritual, it makes no difference.

A technique is just a technique. It is good... it has prepared you for something.

So now you have to make a much unstructured life ... more spontaneous.

And meditation should not be made a technique.


Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 10)

It is difficult to love real people because a real person is not going to fulfill your expectations. He is not meant to.

He is not here to fulfill anybody else's expectations. He has to live his own life. And whenever he moves somewhere which goes against you or is not in tune with your feelings, emotions, your being, it becomes difficult.

It is very easy to think about love. It is very difficult to love.

It is very easy to love the whole world. The real difficulty is to love a single human being. It is very easy to love God or humanity. The real problem arises when you come across a real person and you encounter him.

To encounter him is to go through a great change and a great challenge.

He is not going to be your slave and neither are you going to be a slave to him. That's where the real problem arises.

If you are going to be a slave or if he is going to be a slave, then there is no problem. The problem arises because nobody is here to play a slave -- and nobody can be a slave.

Everybody is a free agent... the whole being consists of freedom. Man is freedom.

So remember -- the problem is real. It has nothing to do with you personally. The problem has to do with the whole phenomenon of love.

In the East people have escaped just seeing the difficulty in it. They started denying their love, rejecting their love. They became loveless and they called it non-attachment. By and by they became deadened.

The eastern man is less anxious, less tense... almost lives in his own inner cave, protected, with eyes dosed. He does not allow his energy to move. He makes a short circuit... a small energy movement inside his being and he is happy. But his happiness is a little dead. His happiness is not a jubilation... it is not a joy.

So in the East we have tried to live without love, to renounce the world -- that means to renounce love -- to renounce the woman, the man, and all possibilities where love can flower.

In the West just the opposite has happened. People have tried to find happiness through love and they have created much trouble. They have lost all contact with themselves.

They don't know where the path is, where their home is. So they feel meaningless, homeless, and they go on making more and more love efforts with this woman, with that man -- heterosexual, homosexual, autosexual.

They go on trying every way and again they feel empty, because love alone can give you happiness but there will not be any silence in it. And when there is happiness and no silence, again something is missing.

Both these ways have failed. The East has failed because it tried meditation without love. The West has failed because it tried love without meditation.

My whole effort is to give you a synthesis, the whole -- which means meditation plus love.

One should be able to be happy alone and one should also be able to be happy with people. One should be happy inside and one should also be happy in relationships.

One should make a beautiful house inside and outside too. You should have a beautiful garden surrounding your house and a beautiful bedroom too. The garden is not against the bedroom; the bedroom is not against the garden.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

                    OSHO QUESTION AND ANSWERS

There are many problems in life. Obviously they are there. When I say celebrate, I don't mean there are no problems. Problems are there. They have to be encountered; they have to be transcended. And celebration is a way to encounter them.

I am not saying there are no problems, I am not telling you fairy tales, I am not telling you that there are no problems and that life is simply beautiful and there are no thorns and only rose flowers. There are not. For every one rose, there exist one thousand thorns.

I am not creating a dream for you, a utopia. I am utterly realistic and pragmatic.

But the way to get beyond the thorns is to celebrate life, is to celebrate that one flower.

In fact, that one flower is more precious because there are one thousand thorns. If there were all flowers and flowers and no thorns, flowers would be meaningless. It is because of darkness that the morning is so beautiful, it is because of death that life has such joy, it is because of illness that health is significant.

I am not saying there is nothing to be worried about. There are many things, but there is no need to worry about them. They can be encountered. They can be encountered without any worry; they can be encountered through celebration. There are only two ways to encounter them: one is the way of worry and the other is the way of celebration !


Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 8)

Nobody can frustrate you.

Always remember that you are your world.

And if you feel frustrated, just look into it; somewhere deep down you are frustrating yourself. You don't want to succeed in your analysis.

For example when a person is angry, he tries to analyse and go to the very root of it. It may be just a maneuver, just a superficial thing. He may not really want to go deep into it, because he may find something which he is not yet ready to face. Because behind every anger, you will find the ego.

So whenever there is anger, the mind doesn't really want to go into it, because if you go into it you will find yourself the culprit.

So you will learn a thousand and one things to avoid.

Nobody can prevent you from your inner analysis, nobody.

Go into your anger and find the root of it. You must be trying to find the root in your friend; then the friend will frustrate you because he will want to find the root in you. There can be no conclusion.

My emphasis is that the individual is wholly and solely responsible, and it is all his game that he is playing. If he allows others to participate, that too is part of the game.

Always try to find out how you are helping to create the problem -- because that's all that you can do. Then drop your participation.

... The problem is not really in the relationship, it is in the related persons, and reflected in the relationship.


Friday, November 10, 2017

                                       OSHO QUESTION AND ANSWERS SERIES

Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 6)

Whatsoever can be done under the limits, you have to do. And don't be too worried about too many problems.

Because this is my observation -- that if you wait just a little, ninety-five percent of problems disappear on their own. Nothing is to be done; they disappear on their own. It is just as they say about the common cold. If you treat it, it takes seven days. If you don't treat it, it goes in one week -- but it goes!

More problems are like that. They are momentary.

It happens every day -- somebody has a problem and he goes to the office for an appointment. After two days the appointment is given. By the time he comes, he says the problem is gone!

Just time. The mind is so momentary that whenever something arises, it takes it and becomes excited about it.

There is a simple sutra, a simple sentence: 'This too will pass.' Just this much. Remember it.

Almost ninety-five percent of problems will pass; they just need a little time. Don't be worried about them.

Then five percent are left. Four percent can be solved by methods. They are like diseases which can be cured by allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy -- anything. They just need the attention of the therapist.

So it doesn't matter what type of medicine is being used. If the doctor knows how to tackle the patient, how to give attention to him, how to be caring about him, these four percent will be solved.

Remaining one percent is the real problem. That goes only when understanding arises.

Nobody can help that, nobody.

That one percent goes only when you try to understand, when you rise in awareness, when you become so understanding that you don't create that problem.

Otherwise it remains, it continues. This has to be understood.

If you are alert, aware, conscious then there is no problem. Cannot be.


Abridged from:
Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 7)

If the desire is there, it is there; there is nothing wrong in it. When you start doing something you have already taken the standpoint that something is wrong in it.

It may be simply that you have come to feel the illusoriness of life, and the desire for it has disappeared or is disappearing. You interpret it as a desire to die. It is not a desire to die.

This is how the mind goes on giving wrong interpretations.

When life seems illusory, when nothing seems worthwhile -- and nothing is -- then suddenly the mind says, 'What is the point of living? Die!' --  as if death is going to be more meaningful than life! When life is not meaningful how can death be meaningful? When even life is illusory, death is going to be more of an illusion. So what is the point in choosing?

One simply understands that life is illusory. Finished!

No enlightened person has ever committed suicide. They should all commit suicide because they say life is meaningless; it is an illusion; there is nothing in it. So why should they go on living?

They go on living because they say in death also there is nothing left to be chosen. The whole of life is meaningless -- death included!

When death comes they will accept. If it is not coming they will not do anything to bring it about.

Then one becomes absolutely serene and tranquil. One lives, but as if in a drama.

Somebody asked Lin-Chi, 'What did you used to do before you became enlightened?'

He said, 'I used to chop wood and carry water.'

And then the man asked, 'What have you been doing since enlightenment?'

Lin-Chi said, 'I am doing the same -- chopping wood, carrying water. But before I used to do it with great expectations. Now I simply do it -- there is nothing else to do! I chop wood because I know how to, and I know how to carry water. The activity remains the same -- the quality of awareness changes.'


Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 8)

Relationships bring up many things which are hidden in you. A relationship never creates anything. It can only bring out something which is already there.

So never throw the responsibility on the other. The other is, at the most, a help to show the undercurrents of your mind. And that's how a relationship helps. It is almost a mirror -- you see your face.

Whatsoever we do, we are the source.

So whenever you feel angry, remember -- it is you who is feeling angry. Never make the other feel guilty. That's the strategy of the mind. That's how one goes on avoiding one's own encounter.

When you feel angry just say, 'I am feeling angry.' Don't say; 'You have made me angry.' And that is the same with all emotions.

You are feeling sad. Say, 'I am feeling sad,' but never say to the other, 'You have made me sad.' Nobody can make you sad; nobody can make you happy. If you decide to be happy, you are.

So use the relationship as a mirror and become more and more aware and alert.

But always fall back on yourself; then it can become a very very great situation for growth. And if you love, love is capable enough of surviving everything: sadness, anger, unhappiness, a little conflict here and there.

If love is there it will survive all. And through surviving all these situations it becomes intense... more understanding, more mature.

If you love a person you can be patient. And love is so valuable that anything else is, at the most, a cost to be paid for it. But it is worth it.

The problem arises only when you don't have love. Then there is only anger and sadness and unhappiness. If you see that in some relationship, drop out of it.

To be miserable is not only bad for you, it is bad for the other. Just for the other's sake, get out of it. Don't cling, and don't continue in it because that will be destructive.

And once a person learns how to cling to misery -- that means once a person starts taking a morbid interest in misery, in fact has learned how to be happy in unhappiness -- then it is very difficult.

You may change the partner but with the other partner you will do the same. Or you may be alone, but with yourself you will be the same.

So just watch. Love and watch and be aware.


Saturday, November 4, 2017


Get Out of Your Own Way
(Chapter # 4)

Anger and sadness are both the same. Sadness is passive anger and anger is active sadness.

It is difficult for a sad person to be angry. If you can make a sad person angry, his sadness will disappear immediately. It will be very difficult for an angry person to be sad. If you can make him sad, his anger will disappear immediately.

In all our emotions the basic polarity continues -- of man and woman, yin and yang, the male and the female.

Anger is male, sadness is female. So if you are in tune with sadness, it is difficult to shift to anger, but I would like you to shift.

If you can float between anger and sadness, both become, similarly easy.

You will have transcendence and then you will be able to watch. You can stand behind the screen and watch these games, and then you can go beyond both.

But first you have to be moving easily between these two. Otherwise you tend to be sad and when one is heavy, transcendence is difficult.

Remember, when two energies, opposite energies, are exactly alike, fifty-fifty, then it is very easy to get out of them, because are fighting and cancelling each other and you are not in anybody's grip.

Your sadness and your anger are fifty-fifty, equal energies, so they cancel each other. Suddenly you have freedom and you can slip out.

But if sadness is seventy percent and anger thirty percent, then it is very difficult thirty percent anger in contrast with seventy percent sadness means forty percent sadness will still be there and it will not be possible; you will not be capable of easily slipping out. That forty percent will hang over.

So this is one of the basic laws of inner energies -- to always let the opposite polarities come to an equal status, and then you are able to slip out of them.

It is as if two persons are fighting and you can escape. They are so engaged with themselves that you need not worry, and you can escape.

Don't bring the mind in. Just make it an exercise.


Get Out of Your Own Way
 (Chapter # 5)

I talk about spontaneity, but to achieve that spontaneity, one has to pass through years of training and discipline.

That spontaneity is not available right now. Right now if you become spontaneous, you will just be a victim of the lower self, the instinctive.

Then you will not be rising higher in your consciousness, and you will not become integrated. On the contrary, you may just become a driftwood.

I was just reading about a great a king, Harun-al-Rashid. He had a buffoon in the court, as was the custom in the old courts.

He asked the buffoon, 'Don't you sometimes think that it would be good if you could become an emperor yourself?'

The buffoon said, 'No, never. I have never even dreamt about it. Nobody can tell me that I have ever been greedy in that respect.'

Harun-al-Rashid said, 'Why? Everybody wants to be somebody.'

The buffoon said, 'Think of yourself in a desert, thirsty for one glass of water. How much will you be ready to give?'

Harun said, 'I will give half my kingdom.'

And the buffoon said, 'If you are not satisfied and another glass is needed, and the same price is asked, what are you going to do?'

Harun said, 'I will give the other half.'

The buffoon laughed and said, 'So your whole kingdom is worth nothing more than a glass of water!'

All that we achieve in life is dreamstuff, unless you come across something -- something which is deathless and which death cannot destroy.

But to come to that, one has to work hard. It is an uphill task. So don't remain just interested -- move into it.

Whenever a good interest is there, do something to materialise it.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Osho: ‘The one who questioned all answers.’

Get Out of Your Own Way

I am not saying that every couple has to remain together -- no need. But I am not saying the opposite either -- that every couple has to separate. One has to be understanding.

There are people who are divorce-addicted, so even before the marriage they are thinking about how to divorce.

The moment they think of marriage, they also think of divorce -- as if their meeting is only for separation; separation is the goal. Don't become that way. Just watch what you are doing.

If you go on this way nothing will settle. This is taking the plant up again and again and looking at the roots to see whether they are growing or not. The plant will die! And nobody else will be responsible.

So when you are with a person, try to be a little more alert.

He has difficulties, you have difficulties -- everybody has difficulties. So don't be cruel and don't be violent and aggressive. Try to understand -- as you have difficulties, he also has difficulties.

Sort them out together; figure out where the problem is It is easier to sort them out together rather than separately. And don't hide problems... everything should be opened. There should be no secret.

In the meditation and therapy group learn things, but don't expect things from people that you have seen in the groups. You will never find that anywhere -- and then you will have to go again and again into meditation and therapy groups.

There are many people who live from one group to another. Their whole life consists of marathons, encounters, tathata, kundlinees. That's not life! These are holidays from life... Sundays.

Don't make the week a week of Sundays, or else it will be difficult to live. One day it is good to go to the beach and rest in the sun, but for six days even God has to work!


Get Out of Your Own Way

I never say what to do -- that is not my way.

I say whatsoever you do, do it, but do it totally.

If it is good it will become part of you. If it is not good you will come out of it. That is the beauty of being total... that is the secret of being total. You cannot be totally with the devil. You can only be totally with God. So totality is the criterion.

I don't say don't commit a sin. I have no commandments. I don't say, 'Do this. This is moral and virtuous' -- nothing I say whatsoever you want to do, do.

If you want to be a thief, be a total thief. If it is virtue it will become part of you. If it is not virtue you will come out of it.

If you want to be angry, be totally angry. If it is worthwhile you will enjoy it. If you feel it is simply nonsense, it will simply drop of its own accord.

Totality is the criterion. So drift -- but don't resist.

If you want to resist, then resist it totally and don't drift!

Remember always that I never give you direction. Who am I to give you direction? And people who direct you are manipulators. I simply give you an understanding.

So choose. With one foot on one boat and another foot on another boat you will be in trouble.

And the boats are moving in diametrically opposite directions; you will be torn apart

That's what is happening to millions of people -- torn into pieces, everything falling apart. Then life becomes a misery, has to become.

Life is happy when you are together. Happiness is a function of togetherness. Misery is a function of dividedness, fragmentariness. So just decide


Monday, October 30, 2017


Osho: ‘The one who questioned all answers.’

[A sannyasin who has Hodgkin's disease and TB says: I'm really scared about the idea that I might die... I tried witnessing it and it just stays there... ]

No, no, witnessing won't help because you will be using witnessing just as a trick to avoid it. Just accept it and then it will disappear.

So what? One is going to die, so one is going to die. What can you do about it? Accept it, and simply by accepting it there is no problem in it. And then it will become a great experience.

Everybody dies but death comes to very few people this way. Death takes you very unawares: one day you are caught in it, it doesn't give you any chance to think about it. Then there is no opportunity to grow into it. You are fortunate; death is coming making much noise.

And it is a bogus death; it is not coming either.

It is just your fear... but the fear has to be accepted: yes, it is okay. If you are going to die, you are going to die. What difference does it make whether it is today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?

It does not make much difference. Some day one has to die... any day is a good day. Just by postponing it for a few years, what difference will it make?

It does not make any difference whether you live for fifty years or seventy years or one hundred years: one day one dies. So don't miss this opportunity. Accept it! -- It is perfectly okay. And the moment you accept you will suddenly feel that the fear has disappeared.

Fear is because of non-acceptance -- fear is not of death, remember.

What is there to fear in death? That's something strange -- that people go on being afraid. People should be afraid of life because life brings problems. Death brings no problems; it simply solves all problems.

So now accept it. And tonight, just relax. Entertain the idea of death.

If it is coming, let it be beautiful -- make it a joy; give it a good reception. At least get ready! I don't think it is coming but why not get ready?

Someday it will come, and then you can use that reception again. I may not be here to tell you next time. It is better you prepare now.

Accept it.


 Osho: The one who questions all answers.

We have killed people's soul, utterly destroyed them. People are just zombies, just dead bodies walking around, managing somehow, dragging somehow, waiting only for death, and there is nothing else to happen.

Understand it, and if you love each other -- and that is my feeling, that you love; that's why I am saying this -- it is possible. Only if you love is this understanding possible.

You love each other, you understand each other, you give total freedom to each other. It is perfectly good sometimes if she moves with somebody and it is perfectly good when you want to move with somebody. You will find that you are becoming again fresh, young, green. Love will start flowing again... and then there is no need to separate.

The need to separate arises because you don't allow her to be free, she does not allow you to be free; then finally every marriage is on the rocks. Either accept this deadness or escape from it. And I think the people who accept it are impotent people but those impotent people have dominated the whole world.

And when a certain philosophy continues for many centuries it becomes part of our presuppositions; we don't think about it. Now nobody thinks about it; we simply accept it and we believe in it: it is part of our blood and bones.

It is very natural. If you live with a person for seven years and you are not fed up, then something is wrong; if you are not bored, then something is wrong.

You can live in the same room, you can sleep in the same bed, but you are not together -- that's pointless!

Sometimes when you feel like being together, be together. When you feel like moving alone, perfectly good; accept it with great love and understanding. And I don't see that there is any problem.

 Osho: The one who questions all answers

I don't ask you to be prayerful -- prayer comes on its own when one is loving; and I don't ask you to go into a temple, because those are just outer things.

The inner temple consists of love.

And I don't ask you to think of a god. Only contemplate love and by and by you will see that god is becoming more and more visible to you. It is through love that we reach god; there is no other way.

The English word 'religion' is not as good as 'dharma', because religion gives the feel of a doctrine, a dogma, scripture, theology. Dharma exactly means 'the way'; it does not give the idea of a dogma.

Religion means Christianity, Islam, Hinduism; dharma does not mean, cannot mean, Islam, cannot mean Christianity, cannot mean Hinduism. Dharma means the essential of all religions, the very essence of religion... just the fragrance of all the religions, the core of it.

And if you want to know the core of religion, there is no other way to know it except through love.

Love is the bridge between the human and the divine.

The moment you are totally in love you are no more here. You are no more part of the world of things -- you are raised high; you move into another dimension, you are transported. When you fall from love you are again in the world of things. When you rise in love you are in the world of persons; that is the revolution.

When you are in this world without love you live among things; even persons are like things then. Your wife is a thing, your friend is a thing; you use them.

But when you rise in love even things are no more things. Even the chair has a personality, even the pillar is no more just a thing. You cannot neglect it, you cannot ignore it.

Then the whole existence is full of personality... throbbing with it. Everything has a soul because everything deep down exists in god, everything participates in god. How can it be otherwise? Everything partakes of god. In that very partaking it becomes a person.


Osho: The one who questions all answers

Money is not power, prestige is not power, respectability is not power, political status is not power. These are ways to hide our deep-rooted inferiority complex from the world.

There is only one thing that makes a man really powerful -- that is love.

And another strange thing: when love makes you powerful you become humble. A powerful man is always humble. A powerful man is naturally, inevitably unpretending; he is not presumptuous.

He does not claim... he need not claim. He never tries to prove; he is so there is no point in proving.

People who try to prove are the people who know they are not. The man of power is unassuming. The really powerful man is one who has no need to prove to anybody that he is powerful.

He knows he is powerful -- he will not feel insulted; nobody can insult him.

People can insult you only because deep down you know their insults are true. But when you know they are not true, then they don't relate to you, they don't refer to you; they are just pointless, meaningless.

So love gives power but in a very new way. The quality is different: the quality is that of a humble man.

Jesus is powerful but so humble. His disciples were waiting thinking that he might show them some miracle when he was crucified.

But Jesus simply died. Nothing happened. That is the miracle! He didn't try to prove; that's the miracle. If he had done something he would have been an ordinary man on a power trip. No, he simply relaxed and died; he died like such an ordinary man.

That is real power.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Osho: ‘The one who questioned all answers.’

In Zen, they say that if you want to become a real painter, for twelve years learn painting then for twelve years forget all about it. Throw the canvas, throw the brush, throw the colours and forget all about painting.

For twelve years do something else -- gardening, farming, anything will do -- and after twelve years start painting again. And then there will be something original... because when you don't know the technique you may be original but you will be amateurish and your art cannot be very valuable; it will be childish, juvenile.

When you only know the technique your art will have the technical quality in it but it will not have the genuineness of the heart. The technique has to be known and then forgotten so the technique enters in your bloodstream -- it becomes part of you; you don't know what it is.

First you learn, then you unlearn. Now you are again like a child but not really a child; you have all the expertise hidden in your bones.

It will work but it will not work any more like a technology. It will not dominate you, it will not be predominant, it will not be dictatorial. It will simply serve you, and it will serve in a very unconscious way... and then original things are born.

So everything has to be learned and then forgotten, unlearned. Then one is innocent and yet technically correct; that is the right process.

Start being a little more inventive, intuitive, liquid... go by the feeling. Do not attach much importance to the technique and do not follow a rigid pattern.

Become more innovative.


A fifteen-year-old tells Osho he left school, in the West, because he had some problems there.

Osho: “Very good, the earlier the problems start, the better, so one can start solving them.”

The boy said: “I always imitate people -- talk the way they do, make the same gestures as them, the body says. It just happens.”

Osho: “Do it more perfectly, that's all, make it an art. If it is unconscious it is bad, so do it very consciously and you can become a great actor. It can become a great experience because your consciousness will grow: you will have to be aware when you are studying someone.

Select one sannyasin each day to imitate. Make it perfect, in fact, improve it. Do it so well that the  person feels as if he is imitating you! Let imitating happen through you.

And remember when I say, 'Let things happen', I don't mean don't do, otherwise how will they happen?

I am simply saying that while you are doing things let them happen through you. I'm not saying to just sit silently and let things happen; then how will they happen?

And when I say, 'Let things happen', I don’t mean that you become lazy and drop all doing; then nothing happens. Never be lazy.

When I say to let things happen, I mean let things happen through you. They cannot happen from anywhere else, they will not happen out of the blue. You will have to do but you need not become a doer. Doing will be there, the doer will disappear  -- that's the whole point -- and then you are never trapped.

And sometimes you would like to do too much because in that moment it may be your natural desire to do. Then go into it -- just don't become a doer; don't pay too much attention to doing.

Doing is okay; just remember that you are not to become an ego. Don't say, 'I have done this'. Keep the attitude, 'It has happened through me; god has done it'.

When you imitate say, 'God is imitating through me; I was instrumental'. That's all... it is simple.


'Tat Twam Asi', intellectually there is no way to understand it; it has nothing to do with intellect and it is not a philosophical statement. It is just an exclamation, a realisation.

It is not a theory -- it has no logic behind it; it is very illogical but it is an experience, an existential moment when you see it as: 'That Art Thou'.

It is a realisation that you are not separate from existence. 'That' means the existence; you and the existence that surrounds you are not separate.

But this is an experience; there is no way to understand it intellectually.

Intellectually you are separate... in fact it is intellect that makes you separate, so how can you understand it intellectually? It is asking the very disease to prescribe the medicine. It is intellect that makes us separate.

When you are deep in your sleep, you are 'Tat Twam Asi'. You don't know you are separate; you are that, that is you.

When you are awake and intellectually functioning it is very difficult to think that you are that. How can you be this rock and how can you be this tree and how can you be me? You are certainly separate. If I am killed you will not be killed; if I die the whole existence is not going to die, so how can you be one with it? You are certainly separate.

Intellect creates separation, so intellect is the instrument to separate thou from that.

Now you are trying the absurd: you are trying to understand intellectually; then it becomes just a philosophy. Even if you understand intellectually it is of no use.

Intellectual understanding is not an understanding at all. The only understanding that can be called understanding is non-intellectual, intuitive.

Get absorbed in things.

Sometimes dancing, become the dance and you will know.

Not that somebody will shout at you 'Tat Twam Asi'... not that it will come like that statement written somewhere inside your mind. No god is going to give it to you as a commandment, nothing will happen, but you will simply know.

So start getting absorbed; that is my suggestion.