Tuesday, May 16, 2017


OSHO Devavani Meditation

Devavani means the Divine Voice which moves
and speaks through the meditator, who becomes
an empty vessel, a channel. In the Old Testament
it was termed Glossolalia. The eyes are kept
closed throughout the meditation.

The meditation lasts one hour and has four stages of 15 minutes each. Keep your eyes closed throughout.

In this meditation a gentle, unfamiliar language moves and speaks through the meditator, who becomes an empty vessel.

It deeply relaxes the mind and creates inner peace. It can be done at any time of the day. If done last thing at night, it also creates a profound sleep.

First Stage: 15 minutes
Sit quietly, while the music is playing.

Second Stage: 15 minutes
Start making nonsense sounds, for example “la la la” and continue until unfamiliar word-like sounds arise. These sounds need to come from the unfamiliar part of the brain used as a child, before words were learned. Allow a gentle conversational intonation; do not cry or shout, laugh or scream.

Third Stage: 15 minutes
Stand up and continue this unfamiliar language, allowing your body to move softly in harmony with the sound. If your body is relaxed, the subtle energies will create a Latihan – a spontaneous, unstructured movement outside your control.

Fourth Stage: 15 minutes
Lie down. Be silent and still.


"Life is purposeless. Don't be shocked. The whole idea of purpose is wrong – it comes out of greed.
"Life is a sheer joy, a playfulness, a fun, a laughter, for no purpose at all. Life is its own end, it has no other end. The moment you understand it, you have understood what meditation is all about. It is living your life joyously, playfully, totally, and with no purpose at the end, with no purpose in view, no purpose there at all. Just like small children playing on the sea beach, collecting seashells and colored stones – for what purpose?
"There is no purpose at all." 

Osho,  Zen: Zest Zip Zap and Zing, Talk #11

If you want to live a more fulfilled life, first you will want to know your potential, who you really are. Meditation is the route to that knowing. It is the methodology of the science of awareness.

The beauty of the inner science is that it enables whoever wants to explore and to experiment within, to do so alone. This eliminates dependence on an outer authority, the need to be affiliated with any organization and the obligation to accept a certain ideology. Once you understand the steps, you walk the walk in your own, individual way.

Many meditative techniques require one to sit still and silent. But for most of us accumulated stress in our bodymind makes that difficult. Before we can hope to access our inner powerhouse of consciousness, we need to let go of our tensions.

Osho Active Meditations have been scientifically designed by Osho over a period of time to enable us to consciously express and experience repressed feelings and emotions, and learn the knack of watching our habitual patterns in a new way.

Reference Books

Everyday Osho: 365 Daily Meditations for the Here and Now

Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic

Intimacy: Trusting Oneself and the Other

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