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        Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that literally means "snake." Kundalini is a type of energy that sits dormant in the first chakra, at the base of the spine. Kundalini is also called "serpent power" because this sleeping spiritual force in every human being lies coiled at the base of the spine.

It has different names, chi, prana, sometimes it is called shakti. The more Kundalini you have, the more alive and awake you are.
Once awakened, it rises through a series of centers, also called chakras, and finds expression in the form of spiritual knowledge and mystical visions.

The kundalini rises through these centers from the base of the spinal column all the way to the top of the head, where the thousand-petaled-lotus chakra is located. When kundalini reaches the seventh chakra with its entire power, this spiritual energy develops its full majestic force in the form of enlightenment.

Feel better about life.
You have more energy;
You are happier,
You sick less.
You just tend to see the bright and beautiful side of everything.
You just feel life at a more intense level

In the physical world, our bodies run on various fuels such as food, liquids, and oxygen. But the physical body is only the most superficial manifestation of what we really are.
At the subtle level, Kundalini is the fuel which keeps our subtle bodies running. Just as we need food and water to survive on the gross physical level, so we also need Kundalini to survive at the subtle level.So everyone who is alive has a certain amount of Kundalini flowing through their subtle bodies. Most people are operating at a starvation level with regard to Kundalini energy.
They have just barely enough flowing to keep alive, nothing more


The process of meditation is the process by which one bring Kundalini energy up from the lowest chakra to the higher level chakras and experience clarity of mind, peace, joy and bliss state of the mind. Ultimately bringing the Kundalini up to the crown chakra and attaining Enlightenment.

Kundalini is like life force energy.
When a child is conceived in womb, life force energy enter the body. It is the movement of Divine Consciousness.
 It is divine consciousness that animates all things.
 It is the "Life Force“ which run juice in each and every heart, each and every tree.The movement of Kundalini is what we know as "Life". The difference between a corpse and a living man is the flow of Kundalini.


There are 72,000 subtle-channels. Of these channels, the three main subtle-channels are:
Sushumnānāḍī, that is, the central channel that extends from base of spine to the top of the head,
Pingalānāḍi or the Sūryanāḍi (sun channel), that is, the channel that runs to the right of the Sushumnanadi,

Iḍānāḍī or the Chandranāḍī (moon channel),
that is, the channel that runs to the left of the Sushumnanadi.


      Kundalini passes each chakra along the Sushumnanadi,
See various vision, dream
Extra sensitive experiences
5 senses become very subtle
chakra over active/inactive
Person may experience a heightened activity associated with that area.

Involuntary jerks, shaking
Intense heat
Less sleep
Feeling of Deep meditation
Want to become more alone
Want to be in out of crowd
Want to go to nature
Want to cry/weep/feel gratitude/feel love
Spine become extra heated,
see colors, visions
Past life Visions
Future event may see.
Sound/taste/ smell/touch/see more sensitive
Intense feelings of pleasure
Particular emotions become dominant for short periods of time.


Kundalini has the capacity to ‘wash’ away our deepest tensions,
Eliminate our misunderstandings
Connect our true nature,
Expand the flow of creative energy
Experience of consciousness within us.
It is the seat of ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE.
Direct transmission of spiritual power
Spiritual freedom.
It connect to GRACE (love).
Rising of the kundalini is blissful
Kundalini is the energy of the DIVINE
It binds us when we live  in this world,
Kundalini liberates us when we return this energy to its divine origin.

The practice of kundalini awakening meditation is to properly awakening and then guiding it through the nadis or channels, up the psychic channel Central Channel.
If more energy flows through left and right or central channel, person tend to have different personality type


The chakras are the energy centers to receive and give energy from surrounding.
Each chakra is connected with particular organ and glands.
The seven principal chakras can be seen psychically as colourful, multi-petaled wheels or lotuses.
 They are situated along the spinal cord from the base to the cranial chamber.

Nadis are the astral tubes made up of astral matter that carry psychic currents.
 It is through these Nadirs that the vital force or Pranic current moves or flows.

      Kundalini energy when awakened, will pass through Sushumna Nadi and this is possible only when the Nadis are pure.
Therefore, the first step in Kundalini Yoga is the purification of Nadis.


Prophet Mohammed says the ’hand will speak.’ “that day we set a seal on their mouths, but their hands will speak to us, and their hands bare witness to all that they did.” 

Jesus – Christ suggests Kundalini awakening “that whosoever believed in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

Lao Tze described Kundalini as ‘spirit of the valley’, which never dies.

Moses saw it in the form of a burning bush and was told, “make thee a serpent, and set it upon a pole; and it shall come to pass, that everyone when he looked upon it, shall live."

Buddha – The lord Buddha spoke of the ‘middle path’ to achieve Nirvana, which is the central channel Sushumna.


Feeling of energy travelling along the spine
Spontaneous or involuntary body movements
Deep peace
Respiratory changes
Altered states of consciousness
 Feeling electricity in the body
Persistent sexual arousal
Gastro-intestinal problems
Psychological upheaval (feeling insane)
De-realization – illusions
Intense mood swings
Moments of bliss
Changes in the body temperature
Feeling cold or hot
Pressure inside the head

Reference Books

Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D.

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